In a digital scenario where everyone is always connected to his own content, Technogym has created a platform that allows users to access their training data, content and personalized training programs, anytime and anywhere, through different touchpoints, places and equipment.

The desire for physical training becomes a personalized and "on-the-go" experience.

By creating a Technogym Account you can then access a complete digital service for the management of your workouts and for your well-being.

If you are interested in it, you can find here ours

Terms of Service

The conditions for providing the Service are set out below. We invite you to read them carefully, because these are the conditions governing the relationship between You and Technogym for the provision of the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Service").

It is also possible that other specific legal terms and conditions may also be added to these Terms of Service, such as, for example, those relating to the purchase of Technogym products and/or services through the various available sales channels (ecommerce, showroom, online, etc.).

These additional terms and conditions will be presented to you if and when you want to access these additional services: for example, if and when you want to try one of our premium products or services!

If you decide to create a Technogym account, know that the Service manager is Technogym S.p.A. ("We" or "Technogym"), a company incorporated under Italian law with registered office in via Calcinaro n. 2861, 47521 Cesena (FC), Tax Code and VAT number 06250230965 - REA FC n. 315187 - Company Reg. Forlì-Cesena n. 06250230965.

In particular, Technogym manages the Service through a digital ecosystem that provides for: (a) the collection and processing of your personal data within a cloud system, accessible remotely (the "Database"); (b) the provision of personalized training services, access to digital content dedicated to fitness, assessment questionnaires, challenges and virtual competitions (the "Service"); (c) an overall platform for engagement and sharing among all fitness and wellness lifestyle enthusiasts (the "Wellness Community"); (d) a series of digital touchpoints (smart equipment, mobile, web) that allow end users to access their content and the provision of the Service wherever they are.

1. How does the Service work?

Within the Service you can find various features designed to make you fully enjoy the Technogym® training experience.

For example, you can receive personalized training programs and manage your fitness & wellness routine; you can manage your training preferences; you can let us know on which Technogym equipment you like to train, so that we can have them ready for your workout; with our questionnaires you could find out what is your real user need or your ideal training program; you can use your favorite training apps and connect them with the Service; or you can access your premium content and manage your family account.

In addition, within the Wellness Community (made up of those who participate in your own events, classes, challenges or those you wish to invite), you can share your performances and participate in a leaderboard; you can book a training class or an event, or participate in a challenge; you can vote for your favorite activity, obtain badges or exchange passes to download the Technogym app which may be useful for benefiting from the reward mechanisms within the Service.

2. Your Technogym account and our personal data management policy.

In order to use the Service you must register a Technogym account, within which all the data that will be used to provide the Service will be collected and managed.

To manage personal data within your Technogym account, we have defined a specific privacy policy. We invite you to read it carefully because this document contains all those references that allow you to better manage the security and sharing settings of your personal data with other fitness operators and users of the Service.

3. Do's and don'ts of the Service.

The Service aims to make your training experience more effective and engaging. To make it available effectively, however, we need you to provide us with accurate, up-to-date and complete information based on the registration, login and subscription procedures for the Service.

Each registration of a Technogym account is valid only for one user and the identification codes and passwords assigned to a Technogym account are an integral part of the security systems and procedures implemented by Technogym to protect the system and the data stored there. Therefore, we ask you not to share them with anyone, even within a small group. If we become aware that these rules have been violated, we may need to disable your Technogym account to protect the overall system security and the rights of all concerned.

We reserve the right to suspend those accounts that we believe may have violated applicable law or regulations or may have used the Service for purposes that do not correspond to the purpose for which it was made available.

Furthermore, we ask you not to use the Service to disseminate material, comments, or otherwise:

  1. that is intimidating, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, such as to incite racial hatred, discriminatory or discriminatory, threatening, scandalous, inciting, blasphemous, violating the obligations of secrecy, violating privacy or that may in any way produce annoyance or damage; or
  2. that is missing the necessary licenses or approvals or which may in any case violate the rights of third parties or any state or supranational law or regulation; or that it may violate patents, trademarks, industrial secrets or any other intellectual or other property rights of third parties; or
  3. which represents or encourages behaviors that could be considered forms of crime, that could give rise to any form of responsibility towards anyone, that are in any way contrary to the law, public order or morality or that harm the rights of third parties anywhere in the world; or
  4. that causes damage (including, without limitation, computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, defective components, corrupted data or other software with harmful content or capable of damaging);
  5. that may violate the rights to the name or personal identity of natural or legal persons or that falsely reports affiliation with any physical or legal entity; or that makes available private information relating to third parties, such as addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, tax data, and the like;
  6. that, in our sole judgment, is offensive or disgusting;
  7. that could be considered spam, or that is generated randomly or automatically or carries commercial or ethically unacceptable material or content, or that encourages illegal behavior (including for example phishing activities) or that deceives recipients about the origin of such materials (for example, spoofing);
  8. that does not comply with the contracts with data network providers or other terms of supply relating to the mobile device;
  9. which is harmful to the continuity of the Service or that abuses of the Service in any way (including, but not limited to, hacking).

4. Sharing your data with other operators (the Join)

Once the Technogym account has been created, you can also grant access to your data to third parties operating on the Platform, such as, for example, your gym or your physiotherapist (the "Professional Operators"). If you decide to link your Technogym account with a specific Professional Operator who uses the Platform (the so-called "Join"), then your personal data can also be processed independently by your Professional Operator who will then become an additional data controller which will independently process your data subject to its own privacy policy which we invite you to read and consider carefully.

It may also be the case that your own Professional Operator invites you to create a Technogym account, thus offering you the possibility to access your data even outside the gym or fitness center.

5. If you are under the age of 18 and if you are under the age of 16

The Service can be used by minors under the age of 18 only under the supervision of those who exercise parental authority over the minor. Furthermore, in order to create an account on the Platform, you must be at least 16 years old.

From all touchpoints except from the Technogym App, people under the age of 16 can create a Technogym account only with the express consent of their guardians (so-called "Parental Control"). In particular, minors under the age of 16 can ask to create a Technogym account by registering the e-mail address of a parent or guardian. Technogym, through the use of this e-mail address, will ask the parent or guardian for authorization to register the minor. Only when this consent has been acquired, will it be possible to complete the registration of the Technogym account and therefore provide the Service.

Technogym does not knowingly collect data relating to minors under the age of 16 and does not allow them to register without Parental Consent. If Technogym detects that any data collected in the Database relates to a child under 16 for whose acquisition Parental Consent has not been validly given, Technogym reserves the right to delete this data as quickly as possible.

6. We like to change.

The Service is constantly evolving because we always like to do new things. For this reason, we may need to change the Terms of Service and we will do so simply by updating this legal notice page. We therefore invite you to periodically check the most updated version of this document.

Additionally, when we launch new features, we may post specific terms and predictions in relation to that particular feature. In this case, the specific terms apply in addition to these Terms of Service and, in the event of any conflict, prevail over the Terms of Service.

7. Oops!

It may be the case that the Service is temporarily inaccessible or that some of its features are unavailable. We may not even be able to forewarn. But please rest ensured that we will do everything possible to remedy as soon as possible.

We also do our best to update the information published in connection with the Service, although we make no warranties as to the frequency of its updating, its accuracy or completeness.

If you still need assistance in managing your Technogym account or the Service, you can always contact us at

8. We ask you to tell us what you think about the Service and if you have any good ideas you can share them with us.

We may ask you to rate the Service and/or to send us your suggestions. If, in particular, you decide to give us an idea, to send us a particular suggestion, to make some document available to us and/or to make us a proposal (the "Contributions") you agree that: (a) the Contributions do not contain confidential information or proprietary; (b) we are not subject to any express or implied confidentiality restrictions in relation to the Contributions; (c) we are authorized to use and disclose (or choose not to use or disclose) the Contributions for any purpose, in any way and by any means, in the world; (d) we may have materials similar to that of the Contribution already in the conceptualization or development phase; (e) the Contributions automatically become our property with no obligation to you, excluding compensation, indemnity or refund of any kind under any circumstances.

9. How our artificial intelligence algorithms work and what value does the contents of the Service have.

To provide the Service we use artificial intelligence algorithms that use the formulas defined by the most accredited scientific literature on physical exercise. These indications start from an abstract evaluation and are never intended to provide medical diagnoses or judgments, nor are they intended or purported to prevent or cure diseases. The diagnosis and treatment activities are in fact reserved by law for the health professionals.

Furthermore, we would like to clarify that the elaborations, studies and other materials reported within the Service must not be intended as professional advice provided in the context of a professional diagnosis, treatment or prevention service, and that the published materials do not replace professional medical consultation.

For this reason, we invite you to constantly check your health and fitness for physical exercise, by contacting your doctor.

10. Devices and connectivity necessary for the operation of the Service.

To receive the Service you will need to use compatible hardware devices. The technical conditions and software compatibility of the Service are disclosed on the website

You will also have to act independently to obtain the connectivity services that allow you to access the Service and for which Technogym is not responsible.

11. Technogym proprietary rights

All copyrights and any other intellectual or industrial property right or any other right of any nature in any of the contents or aspects of the Service belong to Technogym or its licensors. These works are protected by the laws on industrial law and copyright and by international treaties in force in Italy and around the world, and the rights to these works are expressly reserved. Any use of the content or the Service that is not expressly permitted by these Terms of Service or that has not been expressly granted in writing is prohibited.

Technogym®, the Technogym logo, Mywellness® and any other Technogym logo and product or service name are or may be trademarks owned by Technogym or third parties (the “Technogym Trademarks”). The use or display of the Technogym Trademarks is prohibited without the prior written consent of Technogym.

No property rights or other license rights are conferred on the extracts or other materials obtained from the Service. With the sole exception of the above, all rights are reserved.

12. Applicable law and disputes.

Technogym provides the Service from Italy, therefore the Terms of Service are subject to the Italian law, excluding the rules on international conflict of laws and the UN convention on the international sale of movable property. Within the mandatory limits of the law, the Italian judge based at the Court of Bologna, Italy will be competent for any dispute relating to the Terms of Service. However, this is not intended to derogate from the provisions of the law that impose the competence of the natural forum of the consumer according to the applicable law.

For any clarification regarding the Terms of Service, you can always contact us at the following e-mail address: